Graduated Licensing Program

Completing the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) is the most effective way to prepare new drivers for a lifetime of safe, responsible driving. Unlike traditional driver training that limits its focus on road rules and basic vehicle control, our GLP course also features an in-depth study of new-driver risk factors, individual personalities, and lifestyle variables. Furthermore, this course is designed for students to develop self-awareness of their driving abilities as they learn to continually evaluate themselves throughout their years behind the wheel.

The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for New Drivers Graduated Licensing Program is a 32-hour program open to all learner drivers in the greater Vancouver area. Available as either an Automatic or Manual Transmission package, students will take the GLP course in either a B-Class, C-Class, or SLK-Class depending on the package they choose. Completion of the program will reduce your “N” stage from 24 to 18 months and 2 credits towards high school graduation in British Columbia.

Our ICBC-approved GLP course includes:

  • 6 classroom-based sessions (16 hours total)
  • 8 on-road driving lessons (12 hours total)
  • Online program (4 hours total)

A target of 120 total driving practice hours[**]

Parents and co-drivers are an important part of a new driver’s training. Parents can keep track of a student’s progress through a secure on-line portal and by reviewing coach’s notes in a log book. Parents are also invited to ride along during in-car lessons at any time. Coaches are available by phone, text or email to answer a parent’s questions and will help ensure that the co-driver’s training is fully integrated with the rest of the program. 

While it is not a formal part of the GLP curriculum, GLP students will also gain access to our very own ground breaking e-learning modules and personal risk assessment exercises. In order to prepare our learners for the safest possible driving experience, we insist that all our GLP students complete the e-learning and risk assessment before getting their “N”.

GLP Course with Automatic Transmission   $1,290
GLP Course with Manual Transmission¹      $1,390

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**108 hours of supervised driving practice + 12 hours on-road lessons = 120 hours. A large-scale Swedish study (Gregersen, 2000) concluded that a total of 117.5 hours of pre-solo driving practice can reduce a new driver’s crash risk by 40%. 108 hours is a very manageable target for supervised driving practice when spread over the 12 month learner period in B.C. (= about 2 hours per week).

¹Manual transmission lessons are dependent on the student comfort level, and our goal is a minimum of 4 lessons in the manual transmission.

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